Wireless Thermostat from Savant Conserves Energy

The Savant Wireless Thermostat (SST-W100) is a WiFi enabled digital thermostat designed to control Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems within any residential and commercial environments.

Savant Wireless Thermostat-iHome SystemsThe SST-W100 contains a robust thermostat interface and is designed to integrate seamlessly into a Savant-controlled environment. Add convenience and intelligence by controlling the temperature from any Savant User Interface (Keypads, Remotes, On-TV Menu Navigation & Apple iOS Control apps) whether you’re in the next room or next time zone.  Conserve energy by adjusting the HVAC automatically to respond to outside temperature, season or time of day. Read more…









About iHome Systems

iHome Systems is a complete Residential and Commercial Automation company. Working closely with Boston's custom home builders and elite architects we design, install and service the entire system. We offer automation systems that can be controlled from both Android and Apple Smartphone, tablets, computers and in-wall touch panels. Our services range from simple lighting control systems, home theater systems to controlling every function of a home or commercial facility. We have some interesting energy consumption monitoring products and elder care monitoring as well. Specialties Smart Home Design & Installation, Automating Corporate Conference/Board Rooms, Automating Education Facilities, Low Voltage Wiring/ Network Wiring
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